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Make applying for your jobs convenient

Having an overly complicated recruitment process may leave applicants thinking that your whole company works the same way. Instead, having a sweet and simple application with no need to navigate to external recruitment systems shows that you have a well organized business. You can decide what you want to know from your applicants, compose your job application post according to your own wishes and place it on your company website.

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Receive applications through your own website.

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Compose one email and send as a group message.

Communication with applicants is the key

Respect your applicants interest in your company and keep up a good image by keeping the information flowing. If you decide not to hire an applicant for one reason or another, be kind and let them know. Applicants will appreciate direct communication, your company will appear more professional and you won't be closing any gates from future possibilities to collaborate.

All recruitment tools organized in one place

Everything that you need to complete your daily tasks should be nicely organized and easy to find. If you have multiple open job positions, it can be hard to find the job specific applications from a general recruitment email. Have applications orgnized by job posts, categorize applications by follow-up actions and leave comments on applications. Your recruitment process will go nice and smooth, every time.

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Categorize, rate and comment on applications.


Features of the product listed below

  • Add open job positions
  • Export zip packages of all applications in Excel files
  • Categorize applications
  • Create custom questions for applicants
  • Applicants can upload CV and cover letter
  • List, single job or application button embed views
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