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Event management system

Different registration possibilities

You may be an event organizer who creates events for individuals or companies. Make registering for your event pleasant for both cases. Companies registering as a group helps your event management by keeping track of everyone who is attending from the company and only one payment needs to be made after filling a registration form for the entire group.

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Fill group registration forms for events.

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Up-to-date list of registered participants.

Offer unforgettable events for your customers

When you have an up-to-date list of participants for your event, you can use resource according to your attencande volume. You can put more effort into providing unforgettable memories for attendees and you won't spend too much money only to realize your audience is smaller than you expected. When people enjoy your event, they will remember it and put out a good word of your services.

Promote events through social media

All information about the events are share-able on various platforms. One event-goer shares an event on their own Facebook page, another shares it on their Twitter, and soon enough you have thousands people interested in your 200-seat-venue. This way your events have a greater chance of going viral, and so does your business.

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Event sharing on social platforms.


Features of the product listed below

Men and women gathered together talking to each other
  • Online payment possibility
  • Provide various ticket prices
  • View list of participants & payments
  • Save tickets and receipts as PDF-files
  • Create your own locations
  • Single event, event calendar, signup form and signup button embeds

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